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FAQ - Flash

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  1. What is the ADCB Flash MasterCard? How is it different from other credit cards?

  2. How does my ADCB Flash MasterCard work?

  3. How does the ADCB Flash MasterCard benefit me?

  4. Will my ADCB Flash MasterCard work onMasterCardPayPass™ readers ross the globe?

  5. Does my ADCB Flash MasterCard replace existing cards, or is it a primary card?

  6. How safe are these purchase transactions? Can someone intercept the data or can I get incorrectly charged for purchases when carrying the card?

  7. Is the signature requirement waived for your ADCB Flash MasterCard purchases? Is there a limit?

  8. Up to what value of transaction can this card be utilized in a contactless environment?

  9. What if the card gets damaged or lost or stolen?

  10. Does issuance of this card mean an extra limit on my card?

  11. Will I benefit from ADCB Pearls?

  12. Will there be accidental payments/reading of cards in my wallet?

  13. Will I get an additional statement?

  14. Can I get ADCB Flash MasterCards for my family members?

  15. Will I get ‘Chip’ Rewards with my ADCB Flash MasterCard?

  16. Do I have to pay any fees to get my ADCB Flash MasterCard?

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