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Al Murshid

ADCB Wealth Management Products has created an education series called “Al Murshid”. Translating to 'guidance' in Arabic, Al Murshid consists of a range of bilingual modules to improve customer knowledge in different Business Areas, namely: Investment Services, Islamic Banking and Compliance. The aim of the series is simple – demystification of the world of Finance and provision of more in-depth knowledge leading to better informed customers.

  • Investment Services in association with Fidelity :

Volume 1 - Risk - EnglishArabic
Volume 2 - Diversification - EnglishArabic
Volume 3 - Market Timing - EnglishArabic
Volume 4 - Invest through the ups and downs - EnglishArabic
  • Islamic Finance :

Volume 1 - EnglishArabic
Volume 2 - EnglishArabic
Volume 3 - EnglishArabic
Volume 4 - EnglishArabic
Volume 5 - EnglishArabic
Volume 6 - EnglishArabic
  • Compliance :

Volume 1 - Money Laundering - EnglishArabic
Volume 2 - Identity Theft- EnglishArabic
The Education Series is available in all ADCB branches, Al Dhabi Brokerages and Excellency Centres.
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