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All products and services are approved by the Fatwa & Sharia Supervisory Board .

Islamic Banking Terms and Conditions

You can download all relevant Islamic Products Terms and Condition here.

Please note that the following clauses shall be incorporated as an amendment to the Terms and Conditions for Shari’ah-Compliant Account Operation for all Islamic account segments (Aspire, Privilege, Excellency and Business Choice) and shall be deemed an integral part of such terms with effect from1 July 2014. Please carefully read the following to ensure you have understood the same.

Page 7 - Section A, General Terms and Conditions for Account Operation– shall be amended by inserting a new clause 32 as follows. All other clauses shall be re-numbered accordingly but shall otherwise remain the same:


Please click here to review the amended clause in relation to FATCA Compliance

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Important Information About Your Islamic Credit Card Statement

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